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"They Laughed at Me When I Told Them That I Was Going To Tax Wise Australia, But You Should Have Seen Their Faces When They Saw the Size of My Refund!!"

The truth is many individuals are embarrassed to tell their friends that they go to a tax accountant such as Tax Wise Australia. Your friends keep telling you that there is nothing you can claim, that pay-as-you-earn workers can claim tax deductions for very little.

But the fact is, most individuals pay unnecessarily high taxes. And since most people enjoy so few perks it is really vital to ensure that your income tax preparation results in you paying the minimum legal tax.


Professional and Personal

“….I appreciate your service, which I must say is very professional and personal. I do wish to retain your services and I will be in touch with you…”

Robert Ramirez, Karratha


Few individuals can devote sufficient attention to their personal income tax preparation. Indeed your tax concessions are being reduced on a regular basis.

Now with taxes claiming up to 48.5% of your earnings you must use every legal strategy to cut your tax burden.

This is where Tax Wise Australia can do much to reduce your taxes through ingenious and legal tax planning and over the years we have paid particular attention to the tax problems of Australian wage earners.

But there is far more to professional tax consultancy than just completing your tax return. No income tax return is submitted without a minute examination of all your schedules, expenses, possible rebates, refunds or other claims.

We’ll also suggest all possible ways of increasing your take-home pay.


Financials In Safe Hands

“Thanks so much for your help to me. I'm glad my financials are in safe hands! I'll recommend your service to my friends. Cheers."

Carol Dowling, Maddington


Here’s 7 Great Reasons to use Tax Wise Australia

  1. Tax Wise Australia eliminates all your tax headaches

  2. We guarantee maximum tax refunds and ensure you won’t waste a cent in unnecessary taxes.

  3. As true tax specialists, Tax Wise Australia know the law and what your entitlements are.

  4. We have a 28 year track record in taxation, ensuring dedicated professional service and personal attention.

  5. Our fees, which are fully tax deductible, are one of the lowest in the market and we never charge for unnecessary work.

  6. If you are in one of our locations, we come to you day or night, 7 days at home or at work.

  7. Your time is precious, that’s why we’re obsessed with punctuality.

Your Patience is Very Much Appreciated

“…. Just wanted to drop you a note to say thanks. I am not the easiest person to deal with when I’m sick, but your patience was appreciated….”

 Samantha Lyman, Perth

Here’s What You Need to do Now

If you are interested in learning more about our low cost, comprehensive income tax preparation service and how we can assist you to reduce your taxes then simply click on the following link.

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