Tax Preparation Can Be Easy
and Fun When You Use
Taxwise Australia

There are simple ways to get organized and save money at tax time.

To make tax preparation easy you just need to collate your records before you see your tax specialist.

Here is a simple way to organize your records;

  • Vehicle / Travel
  • Home Office
  • Telephone
  • Other Expenses
  • Income / Salary / Wages

Keep receipts to prove your claims and organize records to cut your tax bookkeeping fees.

  1. Mark work expenses with a work highlighter.
  2. Sort records into the categories listed above.
  3. Use a separate envelope for each category.
  4. Label each envelope with the appropriate category.
  5. Store records in order, the most recent on top.

Taxwise Australia has identified at least 80 great tax deduction ideas that make it easy for anybody to increase their tax refund.

Even if you don't qualify for a tax refund you'll be certain that you did not waste one cent of your hard-earned money on unnecessary taxes.

It is vital that your tax return is lodged within the appropriate time frame so that you avoid any penalties and fines.

Your Taxwise consultant understands your tax problems, your need for fast action and professional service and your need for maximum returns for all your hard work.

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