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Countless case histories confirm an inescapable fact:

The number one tax problem is that many people have not submitted a tax return for many years.

There are many and varied reasons for this, including;

  • They may not have to.
  • They have procrastinated and never got round to it.
  • Fear arising from lack of knowledge.
  • Fear of child support agencies catching up with them.
  • Just could not be bothered.

Your tax issue, in most cases, can be easily dealt with by a Taxwise Australia Specialist.

We regularly encounter this sort of problem where anything up to 20 years' tax returns were not submitted. So there is no need to feel intimidated by the tax office when you choose to use Taxwise Australia.

We have often processed 5 to 10 years of tax returns in just one sitting resulting in large refunds and no penalties or fines imposed.

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